Being apart of the Turning Tables Project is a big commitment that reaps many benefits. If chosen you have the opportunity to be apart of a movement so special and crucial to your life as a dancer. You have the opportunity to transform your own beliefs and grow as a dancer and a person who is now aware of those around them. Read the following information to know what to expect of the audition and the rehearsal process if chosen. 


  • You are required to attend both audition dates: January 07, 2020 both at 4:30 pm

  • If chosen for a piece you are committing to all rehearsals scheduled by the choreographer

  • You are required to be at all rehearsals ON TIME

  • You are required to communicate any conflicts to your choreographer 

  • You must be passing in order to be determined eligible to perform

  • You are required to be at the tech rehearsal on April 21, the dress rehearsal on April 22rd, and the show which will take place on April 23rd

By selecting the box you are stating that you agree to all of the information stated above. Violators of these expectations are subject to removal from the Turning Tables project

© 2020 by Turning Tables.

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