Audition Director

Audition Director

Attached is the description of the role of the audition director. Refer to this document for a description of your role as well as detailed instructions and resources.

Audition Meeting

Print out this packet and give to choreographers at the meeting on December 11th. Discuss the roles for the audition and who will teach which combination.

Audition Contract

All participants in the audition were required to sign these form during the registration process. Relays important information and describes all regulations for participation. 

How to access form submissions

After the registration link closes on December 14th, you will need to access the Audition Registration form submissions in order to create a reference sheet for all of the choreographers to use during the audition. Follow the powerpoint for detailed instructions. 

How to make a cast list

Once all of the other choreographers decide whom they want in their piece they will submit it on You will access this form the same way that you accessed the form for the audition registration earlier. Except this time you will select "dancer requests". Work with the director to make a cast list using this information and post it on the call board on Friday, December 20th.


attached is an example of the casting list


Click here to create a NEW casting list

How to make the "Dancers and their Respective Pieces" document

You will make an excel sheet that lists each dancer and has a checkmark next to each piece they're in. This is different from a casting list, in that it focuses on each individual person and shows the pieces that the dancer is in. The scheduling director will use this document to create a rehearsal schedule that doesn't present any conflict and prevents dancers from having to split time between rehearsals.


attached is a copy of the document


Click here to create a NEW documentt


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