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Turning Tables is most well known for its annual "A Seat At The Table" production, which has successfully encouraged audience members to rethink their own biases in the dance world. The pieces presented in the past have all addressed issues of discrimination, underrepresentation, unequal standards, and implicit biases and have received admirable testimonials and approval from Dallas' most credible artists, news sources, friends, and family.

For our third annual production, Turning Tables will offer 5 choreographers the opportunity to present work for the virtual "A Seat At The Table" production. The production will be in the form of a dance film and will be showcased on August 27th on all social platforms. Selected choreographers will rehearse virtually and in person with dancers from June 01 through July 31. 


We encourage choreographers to propose a piece that effectively addresses issues of underrepresentation, bias, standard, or pride in the dance community. How can the choreographer contribute to societal change through their choreography? How can the choreographer bring awareness to the need for diversity in dance? All it takes is one person to initiate a movement and a group of people to provide its strength. Think you are up for the challenge? Send in your proposal now!

deadline: 05/15/21

Choreographers must be available to film in Dallas, TX from August 01 - August 07

A Seat At The Table 2021

A Virtual Turning Tables Production


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