Attached is the description of role of the director. Refer to this document for a description of your role as well as detailed instructions and resources.

Website Management

How to Upload to the Choreographic Portal

The choreographic portal, in addition to group me, will be the main way that you communicate to your choreographers. Through the portal, you will upload different documents, google forms, and information. Attached is a powerpoint presentation complete with videos and step-by-step instructions, detailing how to upload documents to the portal.

How to Access Documents From to the Choreographic Portal

Use this detailed powerpoint to access important documents and form responses from the following boxes in the choreographers portal: Dancer Request, Rehearsal Preference, Video Submission #1 and #2, and Program Info Request.


How to Edit the Website

Use this detailed powerpoint to learn how to edit the website. Specifically, how to add images, add volunteer dates, and manage site members.


How to Choose Choreographic Proposals

Attached are the instructions and guidelines for choosing choreography for the 2020 show.


Communication Tools

Collaborating with Communications

You will be collaborating with the communications director to communicate. Read this document for important information and tips.


Meeting Tips

The director is expected to hold meetings and execute them well. Read the attached document for tips on holding meetings


Steps to the Audition

Attached is a general-broad checklist that you should follow to ensure the main goals for the Audition are met. 

Steps to the Show

Attached is a general-broad checklist that you should follow to ensure the main goals for the Show are met. 


How to Manage Partners

Attached are tips and information for managing current partners and selecting new partners.


Other Tips

Attached are other tips that the director should pay attention to.



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