Outreach Director

Outreach Director

Attached is the description of role of the Outreach Director. Refer to this document for a description of your role as well as detailed instructions and resources.

Outreach proposal

Attached is the proposal used to communicate Turning Tables' goals for the outreach program with the Boys and Girls Club. Refer to the proposal for reference and look back at it to remind yourself of the mission and goals of the partnership . 

Registration packet

Attached is the registration packet for kids wanting to participate in the program. They should complete this packet prior to participation in the classes. You or the communications director can email this packet to Ciandria Jefferson so that she can send a copy to all parents of kids in the Boys and Girls Club. You will collect all money orders given with this packet and give them to the Budgeting Director to facilitate.


*make sure to tell Ciandria that all registration can also be done online at turningtablesproject.com/outreach

Lesson Plan

Attached is the suggested lesson plan for the program. You should follow this structure to ensure a productive class. You may add or change things as you see fit. The suggested timeline to teach each style of dance is located in the proposal.

Volunteer Info

Attached is information pertaining to volunteers for the outreach program as well as how to see who signed up to volunteer for each class.

The Scholarship

Attached is information regarding the scholarship. The requirements and the application are included in the document. You can either give the packet to the kids participating in the program, email the packet to Ciandria, or do both. The scholarship application is due March 31. You and the other partners will collaborate in choosing the recipient.