Round 2

Round 2. I would have never imagined that my concerns would turn into my personal platform, my ideas would take shape on stage, and my thoughts would take form and be represented under the name Turning Tables. Though, Turning Tables is separate from me. Turning Tables is a call to action, asking people to reconsider how they view society and those around them. It pleads for diversity in dance and a cease to discriminatory actions and mindsets. I observed the patterns and reflected on the issues that I found to be the most prevalent in the dance world: a lack of representation for minorities in dance, the implicit bias that creates unsupported stereotypes, and the unfair standard that minorities often have to face or overcome to be seen as equal to their more advantaged counterparts. These issues affected me personally though concern without action is just a complaint so I worked tirelessly to expose the world to my concept last year on April 20, 2018, at the premier showing of Turning Tables. With the money that we raised at last year’s show, the audience that we attracted, and the followers that we have obtained Turning Tables has continued to rapidly grow since its conception. We have been named an official non-profit organization, partnered with various organizations that support diversity in dance, and extended an outreach program to the children at the Boys and Girls Club in Oak Cliff. This year, I was humbled to have a group of people who saw my vision and wanted to share their personal voice through choreography. I was honored to have a hundred dancers committed to portraying the message. I was amazed to have two sold-out shows on April 12, 2019. I want to thank everyone who has supported me and my vision. Turning Tables marks the beginning of a revolution. It marks the beginning of a change in mindset.

Camryn E. Stafford

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