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Underrepresentation, Bias, Standard, Pride,

The four concepts that shaped my choreographic project, Turning Tables. Turning Tables premiered for the first time at Booker T. Washington HSPVA on April 20 after a year of brainstorming and four months of creation, as a way to bring attention to the discriminatory standards that minorities are forced to overcome in the dance world.  A relief it was to see my vision, my choreography, my concept come alive on stage as the dancers performed these pieces that were packed with meaning. This is a turning point for me. One of the biggest moments of my life. A milestone. I have foreseen and accomplished what at first was one of the many random thoughts that cross my mind throughout the day. What started off as a cool idea turned into a concept that will continue to thrive and grow. With the money that the performance raised, Turning Tables will be starting it’s own project initiative with the goal of giving back to underrepresented communities and funding arts programs, supporting programs that are actively striving for diversity in the arts, and continuing with the efforts to eliminate discrimination in the dance world. This is just the beginning and I am elated to see what the future has in store.

Camryn E. Stafford

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