Stage Manager

Stage Manager

Attached is the description of role of the stage manager. Refer to this document for a description of your role as well as detailed instructions and resources.

Show Order

Attached are instructions on how to create the show order. This is done in collaboration with the director. 

create a new show order here

Crew Hour Sign Up 

Attached is the crew hour sign up list. Post this list on the call board a week before the tech rehearsal. Ask communications to ask walker to send a remind announcement about crewing for the show. Once the dancers have signed up text them asking them to be present at the tech, dress, and show at a call time of your choosing. (suggestion: the same call time as the dancers) 

Crew Job Description 

Attached are the job descriptions for each volunteer. Assign a job to each volunteer from the list. Volunteers will have this job for the tech, the dress, and the show.

Show Week Schedule 

Attached is a schedule template for show week. You will make your own schedule following these guidelines and give it to the director so that she can inform everyone.  Your job is to stick to the schedule and enforce it as well.

The Schedule you create can be exactly like the template, but it should just have the times and not all the wording that I wrote in the template. 


Create the new show week schedule here



Ask choreographers to fill out this form with their lighting and sound preferences. Share this form with the lighting and technicians.


Ask choreographers to upload their music to this folder with the name of their piece as the title. It may be helpful to put the songs in order of when they appear in the show. Share this form with the sound and lighting technicians.