The dance art form can be perceived as elitist, eliminating the opportunity for minorities to envision themselves as dancers. Turning Tables was created with a goal to bridge the gap between minorities and dance. By fostering opportunity to underrepresented youth and by exposing dance as a viable career option, Turning Tables strives to give minorities visibility to dance so that they can feel as though they are equally capable to participate and succeed as their more advantaged counterparts. Turning Tables is about changing the perspective on how society views dance as an art form.

Turning Tables Project premiered in the spring of 2018 as a  successful dance performance fundraiser with thought provoking pieces that brought attention to the underrepresentation of minorities in Ballet, the unfair standard that minorities have to overcome, and the implicit bias that society puts toward minorities.


In order to expose minorities to dance and to socialize the art form as viable within their considerable environments or as being unrelated to their backgrounds, Turning Tables strives to extend dance opportunities through outreach initiatives.


After proving their talents within the structured Turning Tables program, the selected dancer will be given a scholarship to the Dallas Black Dance Academy’s Summer Enrichment,  June 3-21, 2019.



Camryn Stafford


Camryn Stafford is a graduate from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and a current student at Princeton University. Camryn Stafford has been a dancer with Dallas Black Dance Theatre Allegro Performing Ensemble and Repertory Dance Company II at Booker T. Camryn has had the wonderful opportunity to train with various companies including Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, the Joffrey Ballet, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and Debbie Allen Dance Academy.

Through Turning Tables, Camryn has provided students and professional dancers with a platform to choreograph on select topics of diversity and inclusion. She also has allowed student volunteers to give back to the Dallas community by teaching dance classes to underrepresented youth at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dallas. Camryn has choreographed multiple evening-length pieces, for Turning Tables to inform the audience about issues of underrepresentation, implicit bias, and unfair standards in the dance world. Camryn has enjoyed exploring choreography and hopes to impact others through her initiatives.


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