A Seat At The Table

Turning Tables Project premiered in the spring of 2018 as a successful dance performance fundraiser with thought provoking pieces that brought attention to the underrepresentation of minorities in Ballet, the unfair standard that minorities have to overcome, the implicit bias that society puts toward minorities, and the acceptance of oneself that must come before pride in others.

Today, A Seat At The Table is the annual Turning Tables Dance Performance featuring dance pieces from dance students and professional choreographers. Turning Tables invites audience members to A Seat At The Table to have their perspectives changed and their ideas enlightened.

FEATURED: "The Full Conversation" by Camryn Stafford
Past Choreographers:

Alycesandra Martinez

Asmani Sanders

Bryn Bohannan

Camryn Stafford

Chloe Champion

Chloe Walker 

Ciera Ray

Claude Alexander III

Eleni Loving

Hannah Karim

Kendall Stafford

Kennedy Cannon

Kennedy Hannible

Kevin Pajarillaga

Kiri Luckey

Kyndall Ash

LaCentheah Bagley

Laura Bender

Leah Andiel

Maggie McCullough

Makenna Wallace

Margaret Canady

Michal Randolph

Michelle Hall

Olivia Wall

Olivia Wilson

Sara burrus

Seanelle Higgins

Sydney Duncan

Zoey Barnes